, a division of Poire Enterprises, Inc., has been in business since 1994. Our Ministers have performed tens of thousands of weddings throughout the greater Las Vegas area. The following testimonials are but a mere sampling of the numerous satisfied couples who have used our services!

"We had the best time in Vegas last weekend! We weren't planning on marrying until next year but we said, what the heck! Our concierge told us about you guys and you came to our hotel room and married us on the spot on New Year's Day! Your Minister and photographer were absolutely wonderful! We have gorgeous pictures taken by your photographer and we both felt as if we'd known the Minister for years! is THE BEST way to tie the knot in Vegas! Thanks again so much!"

Ted & Monica S., Springfield, MO

"We decided at the last minute we wanted to marry while we were in Vegas. We checked around at some of the chapels but didn't like anything they were offering, and at crazy ridiculous prices. We Googled and found out about you guys and what a pleasant surprise! Not only did you make time for us on that busy wedding day in Las Vegas, but you made us feel as if we were the only couple getting married that day! We had heard about the setting at Tule Springs in Floyd Lamb Park and it was so picturesque and amazing! Your photographer took the most incredible pictures for us and also acted as our witness! The officiant was kind and we will definitely be back to renew our vows with you every year! Thanks so much for such an amazing experience at such a ridiculously low cost! We will forever be indebted to you!!!"

Garth & Terry H., Austin, TX

"What better way to send off 2015 than by getting married! We had planned on getting married New Year's Eve but procrastinated until we came to town. We looked at several chapels and decided we didn't want the cheesy experiences they were offering. We had bookmarked your site and decided to text for info. Your customer service staff answered our text immediately, and we setup our entire wedding all by text! Our friends and family that were with us were so impressed by your Minister and photographer! We married on our balcony at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was an experience we will never forget! Thank you so much for being able to create for us the absolutely fabulous experience we all had! I have already recommended you to colleagues whom have booked your services already! We will see you soon at their wedding! Thanks again, and yes, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!"

Jesse & Christine N., Paso Robles, CA

"I researched for several months then planned a surprise 20 year vow renewal for my wife and you guys made it go off without a hitch! My wife is still speachless over the amazing event and our friends can't believe the quality of photography services you offer for so cheap! We have already booked our daughter's wedding through you and will see you again soon! We HIGHLY recommend for any wedding/vow renewal services performed in Vegas as you guys are without question the best hands down!!!"

Fred & Skylar B., Minot, ND

"We can't imagine any easier way to get married. makes it practically effortless as they setup every detail of our special ceremony and we got the most unbelievable pictures. We are forever grateful to your company and will see you next year for our vow renewal! Thanks so much again!!!"

Craig & Linda T., Cajon Pass, CA

"So affordable yet so very priceless! Our experience with was amazing!"

Warren & Quarnecia S., Inglewood, CA

"From start to finish your service was far superior to everywhere else I checked out! We knew we didn't want a cheesy chapel wedding and found you guys to be the perfect answer and the photos we received are absolutely breathtaking. It was just the two of us but you guys made it so very special for us. We now have incredible photos to share with our friends and family who weren't with us and the memory will forever be in our hearts and minds. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Kevin & Jennifer O., Uniontown, PA

"We decided to come to Vegas on a whim and found you guys online! We are so glad we did! We had an awesome ceremony and our pictures are fantastic! Everything you read on here about you guys being amazing is absolutely true...and then some! is the best!!!"

Terry & Fran L., San Ramon, CA

"You guys rule! My fiance and I came to Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival and decided once we got to town we would get married! We married just before we jumed on the shuttle in front of hundreds of admiring attendees! We had the most magical time and we will never forget the awesome customer service your company provided! We absolutely love you!!!"

Vic & Gina F., Pomona, CA

"We can't thank you enough for making our day so special! From the time we first spoke with your company over the phone we appreciated the great customer service your staff provided. My now husband was concerned because he thought I was calling you too often to go over the details of our special day, yet each time we spoke to a team member they were knowledgeable and friendly! We highly recommend your company and will forever treasure the moment with our incredible photos! Yours is a priceless service, yet affordable for anyone! Thanks so much again!"

Tom & Camile B., New York, NY

"What a great service you provide! We called and arranged a wedding for the same day. We weren't sure where to have our ceremony, so your agent asked us several questions and we were so happy with our site decision (in our hotel pool)! Our friends and family at home constantly tell us that ours was the most unique wedding ever! We were so grateful that the Minister was right there with us in the pool and his ceremony service was awesome! We love you!"

Sven & Hilda M., Germany

"Fantastic concept! We didn't want a cheesy chapel wedding so we googled and found you guys by chance! We are so happy we did! It was our lucky weekend in Vegas all around! Thanks so much!

Tyler & Pamela K., Salt Lake City, UT

"We absolutely loved the service you provided us! We came in for NASCAR weekend and decided we wanted to get married after being together for seven wonderful years! We have the most memorable pictures from your incredibly talented photographer and we can't be any happier! Thank you so much for providing us so much for so little!"

Bill & Shirley T., Roanoke, VA

"We were left speechless and in tears after your Minister provided the most sincere ceremony for us in our hotel room in front of our two families! He was wonderful and the pictures your photographer took of us around our hotel are absolutely stunning! This is by far THE BEST WAY to get married in Vegas!'s personalized service is second to none and at a fraction of the cost you'd expect to pay!"

Juan & Denise S., Brea, CA

" ROCKS! My fiance (new wife) and I had been planning our wedding and reception for over a year and the pressure was overwhelming. We said "screw it" and decided to fly into Vegas last weekend. We heard about your company from our hotel concierge and they arranged to have us married by out hotel pool! It was the nicest ceremony and the Minister and photographer were so fun and enjoyable to be with. We have so much less stress now and we're just planning a surprise party/reception to let our friends and family know we "tied the knot"! You will forever be in our hearts and everytime we look at our beautiful pictures we are reminded of what an awesome service your company provides! We will be back in one year with friends to celebrate our renewal of vows and we already know you guys will be part of the plan! Thank you sooo much again!!!"

Jordan & Camille H., Santa Cruz, CA

"I have never had a more pleasant experience than I had with your company! My new husband and I struggled for months on selecting a chapel for our wedding. Then one day we stumbled upon your website and thought what an awesome idea! We've both been married before and didn't want the extras all the chapels were trying to upsell to us. You arranged to have our special, intimate ceremony in our hotel room in the company of just our best friends! is absolutely the best deal in Las Vegas for couples who do not want the cheesy chapel experience! We were so thrilled by the service you provided us that we will see you next year for our 1 year vow renewal!"

Chad & Gina C., Mineola, TX

"What an amazing experience! arranged a same day Vegas dream wedding for us! We got married in front of our hotel fountain show at sunset and your photographer took incredible pictures for us that still give us GOOSEBUMPS everytime we look at them! Your service is second to none, from your office staff, to the Minister who performed the most sincere ceremony, to, of course, the photographer who posed us brilliantly for our amazing photos! We normally never send testimonials, but,,,YOUR SERVICE IS PHENOMENAL!!!"

George & Linda V., Lake Superior, WI

"Many, many thanks to for making our special day so incredibly special! We just wanted a very intimate ceremony. We had friends that brought their own cameras then decided at the last minute to have one of your photographer's come out for photos "just in case". Boy are we glad as he took amazing pictures of us that we can now share with friends and family! Our suggestion to all the couples that read this is to have one of your company's photographers be part of the package. Thanks so much again!"

Irv & Lucy G., Mesa, AZ

"So simple! We booked our wedding online through your company and we corresponded by e-mail the entire time! The Minister called us on the day we were to be married and he and your photographer made us feel so special! We also received FANTASTIC PICTURES! Even though we both had been married before, we felt that this was the most special service ever! We can't thank enough for the best time of our lives!!!"

Jason & Heather T., Tampa, FL

"We can't believe how inexpensive your magnificent services are! We came to Vegas with another couple who had also booked a wedding, but in some chapel downtown. They got married the day before we did and the chapel only gave them seven minutes for ceremony and pictures. Then we were all literally escorted (kicked out) so the next couples could come in. What a difference we had with your company! Our friends were amazed at the service you provided as your Minister and photographer spent an hour with us for pictures, the ceremony, and more pictures! Our friends spent hundreds more on their wedding yet got so much less in terms of service. We have let our other friends who are getting married to definitely go to Vegas and call!"

Roger & Felicia S., Oklahoma City, OK

"Great Job!!! Just wanted to let everyone know that our wedding at the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign was beautiful! Your Minister was great and made our evening incredibly special. Everything was simple just as you promised. We couldn't have asked for prettier photos either. I will definitely be telling my friends about your services. Thanks again for making our wedding so wonderful!"

David & Tonya H., Fillmore, IN

"You arranged to have Elvis marry us at the airport between flights! We had obtained our Marriage License a few weeks earlier when we were out there and decided to do something completely out of the norm in regards to getting married! Yours was the only company which could pull off such a spectacular event for us! We will forever remember the ceremony and our hundreds of new friends who watched in the terminal betweeen flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Las Vegas to Miami, our honeymoon spot! The pictures are absolutely phenomenal and we will be forever grateful to!"

Edgar & Selena G., La Puente, CA

"We are over the moon with our experience! The planning could not have been smoother, the price could not have been better, and most of all, the experience simply could not have been superior nor could the pictures be of any higher quality at any price! Our Minister was perfect and the photography exceeded all expectations! He took many photos and the quality is breathtaking professional grade work. We cannot say enough about!"

Donald & Stephanie W., Columbia, MD

"My new husband and I just wanted a simple Vegas wedding and you guys were the perfect choice! Your Minister met us at our hotel and we walked the grounds until we found the perfect location. He then performed the most beautiful ceremony which touched our hearts and souls! We are amazed by the service that you provide for such a low price! We are happier than we ever thought possible! Thanks sooo much again!"

Bert & Anita B., Baton Rouge, LA

"PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE! simply offers the most priceless wedding service ever!"

Vinni & Erika G., Jersey Shores, NJ

"My fiance and I were going to have a big ceremony next summer but wanted to move in together before then, however, our parents were being a little bit weird about it. We drove up to Las Vegas last weekend and decided to go ahead and get married! We found and you made all our wishes come true! Originally we weren't going to tell anyone we got married, but when we saw the most beautiful pictures your photographer took of us, we decided to let everyone at home know we got hitched! I am so grateful to the staff at your company as you made everything so easy for us! You even referred us to a florist who delivered the most gorgeous bouquet and boutonierre directly to our hotel for less than half what I would have paid anywhere else! Thanks so much again as we are happier than we've ever been and we owe so much of it to you and your wonderful service!"

Tim & Amanda V., Santa Ana, CA

"We had planned a destination wedding to the Caribbean, however, a week before we were to be married we were told that the planner was forced to cancel the plans due to an emergency. We changed our flight to Vegas and Josh found online. We didn't want to change our wedding date so you saved our big day by meeting us to perform our ceremony. Our Minister was very nice and accommodating and the photographer was also amazing! Thank you so much for helping us save our special day!"

Joshua & Crystal W., Columbus, OH

"We got engaged on Halloween night and decided to fly to Las Vegas a few weeks later on a whim. We had no idea where we were going to get married but didn't like the idea of a cheesy chapel wedding. Our hotel concierge told us about and what an AMAZING exprience we had! The Minister was awesome and our pictures your photographer took of us are INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend your services to all brides and grooms coming to Vegas to get married!"

Kevin & Analisa G., Tempe, AZ

" went far and above anything we were expecting. Our flight from Washington, DC was cancelled the morning of our wedding date and no flights were available until the following day. not only arranged to have our ceremony moved to the following day, but was also then able to move our original location outdoors to a beautiful indoor spot due to poor weather! The pictures we have of our "event" are incredible! We wanted to have the same Minister marry us that married our friends several months earlier and ensured that even with the date change we would have the Minister we requested. I can't say enough about the services your company provides, for such an unbelievably low price, as you turned what was a frantic time for my soon to be husband and I into a moment we will cherish forever! As I've read on your website before, ANYONE planning on marrying in Las Vegas, who is not looking to do so in a cheesy chapel, should contact to ensure their day will be the most special it can be!!!"

Martin & Valerie B., Newport News, VA

"Words can't come close to explaining the wonderful experience we had with My fiance and I had been planning for months on having a large wedding in our hometown. We were getting so stressed to the point we almost broke up. Then, Stan got an unexpected bonus from his boss and we decided to take a trip to Vegas to unwind. Once we were there we saw a TV show in our room where you guys were performing wedding ceremonies at some of the most coolest places in town. We looked at each other and at the same time said, "Let's call them"! You were able to arrange a same day service in our hotel room and have your photographer act as witness. He took stunning photos of us, not only before and during the ceremony, but also afterwards! provides an incredible experience at such a low cost we can't imagine anyone marrying in Vegas with any other company or chapel. We are happier than we've ever been and now we are planning (stress free) a huge reception next summer where we can't wait to have our pictures showing of the most incredibly romantic day of our lives! We will be forever grateful to and you will forever be in our hearts!"

Stanley & Rebecca W., Topeka, KS

"Yo dog, you peeps are the sickest! My girl is so happy because of! Be ready cause I'm sending some of my crew your way,,,to get married that is!"

Andre & Tameka S., Los Angeles, CA

"Perfection! Our Minister and our photographer made our special night a fairy tale. We could not have asked for anything more. We were married at our hotel (the Golden Nugget near the Tank)! They made our experience special and intimate, which is exactly what we wanted. Words can't explain how happy we are. Thank you!"

John & Sheila G., Baldwin Park, CA

"Thank you for making "DA DAY" more than we could have wished for! Our Minister was fabulous, just like Vegas! The amazing, elegant ceremony was the sweetest thing ever and the photographer was funny and MAGICAL!!!"

Chris & Brandy V., Nashville, TN

"My new wife and I knew each other in High School and hadn't seen or heard from each other in many years. We both were married prior with families of our own. We found each other on Facebook and started seeing each other about a year ago, as coincidentally, we both ended up in the same city just a few miles away which is 2000+ miles away from where we were raised! She had a friend who was married by your company about a year ago that raved about your services. Since we had both been married before, we didn't want a chapel wedding with all the other little things that go along with that. You were able to arrange a ceremony for us in a limousine as we were driving up and down "the strip"! Your photographer took some of the MOST AMAZING shots of us before, during, and after our "in car" ceremony! is an incredible company and my wife is already referring several other friends of ours who are getting married to use your inexpensive, yet priceless, services. Thanks sooo much again!!!

Peter & Sheila B., Kent, WA

You guys made it so easy for us to get married. We texted your company to get some answers then booked our wedding online. We were a little nervous as we never actually spoke to anyone from your company, just texts and e-mails. Then, the day of our ceremony, just at it said on our confirmation e-mail, your Minister called us to confirm and we felt more at ease! That night, the Minister then met us at the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas sign, which is where we wanted our ceremony. My husband, myself, and all our friends were so happy with the ceremony he performed and the thing we loved best about your company is that you let us take our own pictures! Everywhere we called before we booked with you wouldn't let us do that. I hope you put this on your website as worked out PERFECT for us and now two of our friends have already booked their weddings with you too! See you in Vegas again soon!!!

Hector & Amelia V., Visalia, CA

"You were the only ones able to accommodate our request for a midnight wedding! We flew in the day before and planned on visiting several chapels to decide where to marry, but, not a single one could handle honor our request. We were making our plans to fly back home when we saw a TV show in our hotel room of you guys doing a wedding at the Welcome To Vegas sign. We Googled you and incredibly you made our special wedding not only possible, but perfect!! Our sincerest thanks to for our special ceremony and we have the most AMAZING pictures ever!!! Thanks again so much!"

Dale & Kendra R., Tyler, TX

"Wow! What an amazing experience! You had a Minister and photographer come to our suite to marry us in front of our closest friends and family. The Minister was amazing and he and the photographer were so nice! gave us the most personable experience we could have ever imagined. Our friends and family couldn't believe how inexpensive your PRICELESS service was! We are 'blowing up the blogs' about how incredible you guys are!!! And we'll see you next year when we come back to renew our vows!"

Preston & Lacy S., Scottsdale, AZ

"You made my new wife happy, and that made me happy! Thanks!"

Jamaal & Shanika W., San Bernardino, CA

"What an amazing experience we had with! We live in New York and only planned about 2 weeks in advance for a Vegas wedding. You guys were THE BEST as we had a beautiful ceremony near a beautiful fountain show on "the strip" and got incredible pictures that continue to amaze my friends and family who weren't there with us. We were also so honored to have had such a wonderful Minister, and our photographer was even able to act as our witness! As I've read on your website before, YOU GUYS ROCK!"

Jim & Amanda V., Syracuse, NY

"This was our 2nd marriage so my new wife let me do all the planning for our wedding. I found you guys online and couldn't believe your inexpensive pricing! You came to our room at our hotel and your Minister performed the most incredibly touching ceremony on our balcony! Then, our Minister and photographer escorted us to the exterior of the property for some additional amazing photos! My wife could not believe how little I had spent for such a truly incredible experience! I can't thank enough!!!"

Roger & Gail M., Mesa, AZ

"We drove up from San Diego on a Friday afternoon and decided on the way up we'd get hitched! My new husband Googled you on his cell phone and he setup our ceremony via text while I was drivng! We were even more amazed once we got there and met with the Minister and photographer at our hotel! Everything you read on here about incredible pictures is the absolute truth! What an amazing personalized service as our Minister and photographer spent almost an hour with us doing the ceremony and capturing incredble shots of us, and our pictures while the water show were going off are absolutely STUNNING! We can't thank enough for the amazing experience we had!"

Cam & Lisa P., San Diego, CA

"The staff at is awesome! From my first phone call I knew I had made the right decision! You made it so easy for us from so far away to plan a simple, stress free, amazingly inexpensive, yet classy ceremony in our hotel suite! The photos your photographer took of us and our party constantly bring tears of joy back to our eyes! What an incredible experience you provided for us at a fraction of the cost we thought we'd have to pay for the wedding we were set on doing (being married in our hotel suite)! We cannot thank enough for what you provided,,,,thanks, thanks, and many, many more thanks!!!"

Ernest & Julia M., Toledo, OH

"A few words about,,,AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!!"

Tyrone & Angela H., San Bernardino, CA

"I found out about on my iPhone! We were looking for something out of the ordinary in regards to weddings in Vegas, and it all started with a text to your company! What a pleasant surprise you turned out to be! We had a romantic ceremony at Sunset Park! Your extraordinary photographer was gracious to act as witness for us, and the pictures he took are stunning! All of our friends and family absolutely love the photos as we decided at the last minute to go to there on our own to get married! Thanks again for being so gracious (and so affordable)!"

Ted & Cindy H., Stamford, CT.

"Kudos to the team at! My fiance and I decided to drive to Las Vegas at the last minute last Friday and decided to call you after seeing you guys on a TV show. What an incredible experience! We had a hip Minister and a photograper that took pictures of us that were AMAZING! It was just the two of us and you made us feel so special! ANYONE/EVERYONE considering getting married in Vegas should arrange their ceremony through you if they want an amazing experience! Thanks for all you did for us and we will see you again next year for our renewal of vows!!!"

Phil & Lisa T., Ontario, CA

"We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with our ceremony officiated by on July 24th on Fremont Street! A wonderful night! Very simple to plan and everything went so smoothly, and our Minister made my mom and me (the bride) so happy! He is a gem! We extend our sincerest gratitude!"

Thomas & Jennifer H., Las Vegas, NV

"We would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience getting mrried by Elvis! It was unforgettable! Thank you very much once again and best regards!"

Peter & Lucia K., Austria

"We would like to thank for giving us such a beautiful wedding! I had never been to Vegas before, so we trusted the recommendation of and it was more than we could've imagined! Everything was spectacular! We highly recommend everyone going to Vegas to get married to go through! You will not be disappointed! Thank you for making our wedding day one that we will never forget!!!"

Dan & Nancy A., Superior, WI

"My husband and I were married by at the Artisan hotel. Thank you so much for the best wedding we could have ever asked for!"

Austin & Jennie M., San Diego , CA

"What an AMAZING time our wedding party had! by far provides the nicest ceremony for the money hands down! You guys arranged to have our wedding where no one else could at a fraction of the price! We are forever indebted to your wonderful service!"

Thomas & Linda M, Oshkosh, WI

"AMAZING!!! gave us THE BEST ceremony EVER!!! Your service is priceless and our photos captured the moment for us like we never imagined possible! My new husband and I were a bit skeptical at first to book from thousands of miles away but what a wonderful surprise! I highly recommend your services to anyone getting married in Las Vegas and your prices are unbeatable! Thanks so much you guys!!!

Jack & Angela H, Ames, IA

"We normally don't send testimonials but in this case my new bride and I are so ever grateful for the AMAZING service you provided! We were left speechless (a first for my wife)! is the bomb!"

Terrance & Evangelina L., Los Angeles, CA

"What a great ceremony, we absolutely LOVED our Minister, and what fantastic pictures! Our guests had no idea how little we spent for your wonderful services! We have other friends getting married in Vegas over the next few months and we have told them all about! Thanks so much again!!!"

Mario & Ysenia H., Phoenix, AZ

"You guys offer the BEST service EVER!!! My fiance and I saw you guys on a show on truTV and thought what a great idea! You provided us the nicest, most personable service for our small wedding party, and we absolutely LOVE the pictures your photographer took of us! is by far the best way to get married in Vegas and your inexpensive pricing is unbelievable for such a fantastic service! Thanks again!!!"

Dale & Veronika T., Chicago. IL

"I just wanted to thank you for helping to make "our day" such a special one! If you want a nice and classy ceremony for a fraction of the cost, then is the way to go!!! Thanks so much!"

Jerrold and Robin M., Bowling Green, KY

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wedding of our dreams!!!! We had the best experience with Everything was perfect...I don't even know what to say I still have tears in my eyes when I look at our fabulous wedding pictures. My husband and I were very impressed with the romantic ceremony. I recommend you guys to everyone! Thank you so much again!! With Love!"

David & Corey M, Milwaukee, WI

"We wanted to thank you for providing wedding services that lived up to our dream wedding. We flew across the country to have a BIG yet intimate ceremony. The photos were top quality and the dvd really captured the moment. is the place to go for the perfect and affordable wedding!

Chuck & Christina S., Seaford, DE

"Special thanks to the staff of for making our day sooo special! We decided on a whim to drive to Vegas and get married the same day. They were EXTREMELY accommodating in making sure we had a lovely ceremony even on such short notice. Our Minister was incredible and the photographer took pictures of us our family and friends are amazed at! We've already referred friends of ours to you as your service and value are second to none! Thanks sooo much for making us feel so special!!!"

Jon & Eloise Y., Northridge, CA

"We just wanted to send some appreciation to for your wonderful services! You made our special day so INCREDIBLE! Our friends can't believe we spent so little, but got SOOO MUCH!! You will forever be cherished in our hearts for making it such a wonderful experience for us!!! Thanks again"

Frank & Virgina C., Reno, NV

"Thank you so much for our beautiful and very personal wedding ceremony at our hotel. We wanted a simple, outdoor ceremony in a tropical setting and we were not disappointed! Our Minister and our photographer were both wonderful. We worried that we might regret our decision to be wed in Las Vegas, but our Minister was very caring and sweet, and our photographer took the most amazing photographs for us! You made it very special and we have only wonderful memories that will last throughout our lifetime together. Thank you!!!"

Robert & Linda L., Albemarle, NC

"I wanted to thank for giving my husband and I a beautiful ceremony and a very special memory that we will cherrish for the rest of our lives. Everything was perfect, from the ease of the online booking, to making arrangements for the ceremony near our hotel. The photographer was amazing and the pictures are incredible...not to mention at a very reasonable price. We couldn't have asked for more!"

Andrew & Gale D., Canada

"My husband and I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed our renewal of vows ceremony in our hotel room. IT WAS GREAT!!!! I would recommend it to anyone whether it was there first or second or whatever.... Thank you so very much and I would be honored to see our pics on your web site gallery!!!! Thank you for making our day a very special one!"

Kevin & Brenda L., New York, NY

"Thank you for making our special day happen and organizing a beautiful view at the Rio atop their Voodoo Lounge! We did this quickly and with little fan fair because we are having a local reception but we still wanted our actual vows to be private and special and you made that possible! Thank you so much, once again!"

Mark & Leel R., San Diego, CA

"My husband and I were recently married at Red Rock Canyon Overlook. We just wanted to say "THANK YOU" so much for your services! It was so beautiful and the Minister was great! Our photos turned out wonderful too!! Thank you again!!"

John & Amanda L., Lemoore, CA

"My husband and I had a great experience with! I could not make up my mind for the life of me which location I wanted to get married at, so I wanted to see if we could get pictures done after the ceremony in a few different spots. Well, we could and our pictures were wonderful! We had pictures taken in front of many hotels nearby us. It was exactly what I wanted and our ceremony was wonderful, the Minister really gives a "from the heart" ceremony. If you are coming to Vegas for the nontraditional wedding, this is definitely the way to go! Even if you want a mainly traditional without the chapel, they work with the couple to give them the best wedding day ever! Thank you!!"

Andrew & Breann M, Princeton, IL

"We want to say that this was a great experience because we planned this wedding in a week and decided that we wanted to marry each other again (we were married before to each other over ten years ago). This was the wedding we should have had and the Minister was wonderful he seemed to say exactly the right things that it felt like he knew us personally. Thank you, I will be recommending to my best friend who is planning her wedding now!"

Jason & Vanessa L., Phoenix, AZ

" performed our ceremony and they did an excellent job and the ceremony was perfect. Thank you very much, you guys are awesome! I strongly suggest to anyone planning a wedding!!! Thanks!!!"

Ryan & Kati R., Brigham City, UT

"SIMPLE: Sophisticated Inexpensive Marriage Professionally (&) Legally Executed. Our wedding was definitely simple as outlined above. One of the things my husband liked the most was the fact that we had a lot of say so with regard to where our ceremony was to take place and where we wanted our photographs taken. I admired the fact that our Minister prayed with us and had us recite personal, heart-felt vows instead of the standard script. I also commend our photographer on our pictures. I love taking pictures and I am known for taking time to set people in the right place, and when our photographer took the time to do the same with us, I knew we had picked the right company to officiate our wedding and preserve our memories! Thank you and may God bless and prosper!"

Anthony & Pamela D., Twentynine Palms, CA

"We just wanted to thank you for our very special day! The Minister and photographer were just excellent! Our Minister suggested a last minute change in location since the weather was perfect and the change was wonderful! The photographer captured our special day in precious photos! is an excellent choice for a Vegas wedding!"

Randy & Moriah P., Longview, TX

"Thanks to for a memorable night! The way they accommodated our needs was second to none. Our plane arrived late and they graciously rescheduled the wedding and worked late. Then, the photographer and Minister did everything to give us a glamorous wedding near our hotels' water show! It certainly was an event that blows away any chapel wedding! I would recommend to anyone!"

Jason & Kelly H., Buchanon, MI

"A huge thanks to for making our day perfect! Our ceremony was great and our pictures are priceless. The memories from that day will stay with us always! We were very impressed by the Minister and photographer coming to the location of our choice to do the ceremony. We were looking for an alternative to the "cheesy chapel wedding" and this was it! If you are looking for a nice but simple wedding that is very affordable, is an awesome experience! Thanks for everything!"

Mark & Amy R., Champion, MI

"We'd like to take the time to thank for performing our ceremony. We thought you were great, and we appreciated the earnestness you brought to our special day. Thanks again!"

Ralph & Chrstina M., Canada

"This was perfect for us. We wanted something simple and classy, and this was perfect. I am very picky and have to have everything just right, and the photographer and the Minister were great about it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get married in vegas and does not want anything cheesy in some cheap chapel. made everything so perfect! Thank you so much!!"

Corey & Selaina S., Boise, ID

"I must say I am very impressed. Our Minister was amazing. He was very personable and didn't just read out of a book. He made us feel like he knew us. I would recommend anyone to! Thank you so much!"

Kevin & Sara S., Hazelwood, MO

"We are pleased to say that our Minister was very patient with following us from location to location when our photographer was running us around for scenes! The photographer was persistent in getting us the pictures that we were wanting and very aggressive to getting us into our posing areas! We definitely were the scope of this event....and we appreciated it! Thanks again!"

Larry & Erica F., Grants Pass, OR

"We came to Vegas with a small budget yet grand ideas of how our wedding should be. We visited seventeen different chapels and couldn't find one either of us liked. Our hotel concierge told us about your service and you arranged to have our ceremony outdoors on a beautiful February evening! Everyone loves the pictures your photographer took of us and we rave about the value your services were! We already have two other couples whom have booked their special day with you! Thanks again!!!

Tyler & Wendy G., Riverside, CA

"We are so fortunate to have found out about! Your service is priceless! Our Minister was so personable and really touched our hearts before, during and after the ceremony and your photographer took pictures we never dreamed possible of us! Thanks so much!!!"

Peter & Amanda T., Cheyenne, WY.

"Our memory of this unforgettable and ever-lasting promise that we made on 2/14/2010 (Valentine's Day) was made possible by! Thank you!"

Robert & Anna G., Los Angeles, CA.

"I can't even imagine a Valentine's Day ever again without thinking of the wonderful service you provided to me and my new wife! went far and above what any other wedding service could even come close to providing! You gave us the most personal service and we felt like family with the Minister and photographer! Thanks so much it means sooo much to us! You will FOREVER be in our hearts!"

Jose & Mindy C., Modesto, CA.

"Yours is the best service EVER! My fiance (now wife) and I had been married several times before (we won't get into that now!), and just wanted something special, yet not cheesy. We were referred to by friends of ours who saw you guys on TV. We were sooo amazed at the service you provided us for such an unbelievably low cost! WOW, what a great service you provide and your photographer's pictures of us are INCREDIBLE! Thanks so much and we will let everyone we know who's considering getting married in Vegas to call you!"

Kurt & Irina K., Fontana, CA

"I just wanted to thank you guys for everything! It was perfect! You married us on 12/12/12 and it could not have been any better! Thanks!"

Travis & Suryia M., Yemassee, SC

"Thank you so much for making our ceremony beautiful! In addition to performing a very touching and unique ceremony, our Minister was patient, professional, and accommodating. It felt like he'd known us for years. We got way more than we ever imagined and the photos are gorgeous! I would recommend your service to anyone planning a Vegas wedding! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Dwayne & Centoria H., Loma Linda, CA

"You made what could have been a stressful time for us completely stress free! Trying to plan a wedding from afar was extremely easy because of your kind and caring staff! We will let everyone we know if planning a wedding in Las Vegas to definitely call your company! Thanks for making our wedding day such a spectacular event! Our families think we spent thousands on the event, but little do they know of your incredible value and service, and our pictures are phenomenal!"

Evan & Lisa T., Knoxville, TN

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